Youth Dance

The City of Palm Beach Gardens offers dance instruction for ages 18 months through 19 years old. Our classes include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more and are taught by experienced dance instructors. Many dance students will participate in our annual dance recital at the Eissey Theatre in May. We also offer some recreation dance classes just for fun! During the summer months, recital classes are not offered; only recreational dance classes.

All classes take place at Burns Road Recreation Center, 4404 Burns Road.


  • Recreational Classes: Registration for Recreation dance classes is ongoing and may be done online or in person. Please scroll down for a list of available classes
  • Recital Classes: Registration for the 2017-18 season of Recital dance classes is ongoing through October 31, 2017, and must be done in person. Please scroll down for more information on Recital classes.
  1. Recreational Dance
  2. Recital Dance
  3. Private Lessons


Sign up and join these classes at any time. Recreation dance classes will be pro-rated.

Leaps & Bounds

Code  Age  Day  Date Time  R/NR Fee  Instructor 
311001-1B  3-4  Tue  Sep 12-Oct 24  9:30-10:15am  $77/$97  Michaela Bradford 
311001-2B  3-4  Tue  Oct 31-Dec 19  9:30-10:15am  $77/$97  Michaela Bradford 

Tutu Toddlers

Code  Age  Day  Date  Time R/NR Fee   Instructor
311001-1C  2-3  Wed  Sep 13-Oct 25  9:30-10am  $77/$97  Michaela Bradford 
311001-2C  2-3  Wed  Nov 1-Dec 20  9:30-10am  $77/$97  Michaela Bradford 

Tiny Tappers

Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR Fee  Instructor 
311001-1D  3.5-5  Wed  Sep 13-Oct 25  10:15-10:45am  $77/$97  Michaela Bradford 
311001-2D  3.5-5  Wed  Nov 1-Dec 20  10:15-10:45am  $77/$97  Michaela Bradford 


This class will be a combined ballet/tumble for beginners
  • No class Nov 22 and Dec 6.
Code  Age Day  Date Time  R/NR Fee  Instructor 
311001-1E  3.5-6  Wed  Sep 27-Dec 13  4-4:45pm  $110/$138  Carla Lewis 

Ballet for Children

  • No class Nov 22 and Dec 6.
Code  Age  Day  Date  Time R/NR Fee  Instructor 
321003-1A  6-9  Wed Sep 27-Dec 13  4:45-5:30pm  $110/$138  Carla Lewis 

Pilates for Dancers

Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR Fee  Instructor 
CANCELED 12+  Wed  Aug 30-Oct 11  5:30-6:25pm  $77/$97  Nicole Haag 
321009-2A  12+  Wed  Oct 18-Dec 13  6:30-7:25pm  $77/$97  Nicole Haag 

Teen Ballet/Jazz

Code  Age  Day  Date  Time  R/NR Fee  Instructor 
CANCELED  12-18  Thu  Oct 5-Nov 9  7-7:55pm  $55/$69  Lindsay Rybak-Alfrey 
321003-2B  12-18  Thu  Nov 16-Dec 21  7-7:55pm  $55/$69  Lindsay Rybak-Alfrey 

Canceled Classes

Many classes are canceled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been canceled, please email the Recreation Division or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.