Sherri Pla, Head Golf Professional

Sherri Pla is a native of Riviera Beach, Florida and a lifelong athlete. After a successful middle school and high school career, she attended Florida Atlantic University on a basketball scholarship. Her impressive stats, which included scoring more than 1,000 points, becoming a career leader in assists and stealing more passes than any other player in the school’s history, garnered Sherri a position in the FAU Athletics Hall of Fame in 2009. As an all-around athlete, once the FAU Athletic staff recognized her talent, she was asked to join other fledgling programs at the university. Not only did she succeed in basketball, but she dominated in softball, cross country and golf.

Her beginnings in golf were quite by accident. Poised in college with her eye firmly on the prize of playing in the WNBA someday, Sherri decided to pick up golf as hobby, as she had seen many basketball professionals do in the mid to late 90’s. Her strategy: I need to learn to play golf, so that I can shoot the breeze with these stars on the weekend when I make it to the pros. Little did she know that golf would not only be a sport that she was good at, but it would also bring a newfound passion that would form much of her adult life.

Sherri spent eight years in the public school system teaching and coaching multiple sports. It was during this time that her golf hobby took a turn toward more serious play. She groomed her golf skills over the years to reach the professional level. Eventually making the decision to
 take a leap of faith, she left the classroom and combined her two passions- teaching and playing golf. 

Upon earning the prestigious title of PGA Class A professional by demonstrating her skill and knowledge in the game of golf, she passed the ability test on her first attempt. Sherri has lent her expertise and passion for play to numerous golf courses and clinics throughout Palm Beach County. Today, Sherri works as the Head PGA Pro for the City of Palm Beach Gardens where she has been employed for five years. She teaches and coaches her students with an unrivaled enthusiasm. Her reputation as a positive motivator of skill and attitude in the golf world earned her a nominated into the African American Golf Hall of Fame in 2015 when she was named the organization's Inaugural Golf Instructor of the Year. 

Sherri is skilled at working with students of all levels. Call her to schedule a lesson today!


Sherri Pla Headshot
Photo of Coach Sherri driving